IMG_8757Earlier in the year, during one of our in-school sessions, we challenged ourselves to try new fruits and vegetables, as a healthy risk-taking activity. As we reflected on the successes and challenges, one of the students suggested that we could grow our own fruits and vegetables at the school – and the school garden project was born!

We have spent several weeks planning, learning about gardens and planting, working with the Northwestern Health Unit, the Fort Frances Community Garden team, the Fort Frances High School, Lowey’s Greenhouse and other community partners to reinvigorate the decorative gardens at Crossroads School – and create the vegetable gardens, as well! We’ve reflected with the group on the importance of community service, and how, when we give to our community, we help make it stronger, and give the community the opportunity to value our efforts, and be inspired to give back, as well.

We’ll be maintaining the gardens all through the summer as a group, and plan on sharing the bounty of the gardens with the rest of the school in the fall, when they return to the school! The sense of pride and accomplishment in a job well done has been overwhelming – and so many have told us how grateful they are to the Sunset kids for their work to beautify the school.